Scented lilies

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J. Saunders

How do I choose the lilies that are scented?

Any Oriental Lily has a fragrance, so look at Orientals, Oriental Trumpets Lilies (these are the tree-like lilies) and Roselilies. All these have wonderful perfumes. We find the whiter the lily the more fragrant it is.

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I am looking to buy rose lilly bulbs to be planted in pots

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Valerie Bridgeman

I do not want tree lillies. Can you recommend a small white rose lily suitable for a small garden.

Yes – all our white roselilies or double oriental lilies are stunning and shorter in height so they are ideal for pots or direct into your garden borders.

I have suggested a few gorgeous varieties below for you:

Roselily ‘Aisha’ (SKU176191)

My Wedding (SKU17722)

Roselily ‘Kathinka’ (SKU17814)

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Feeding Roselilies

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Roger Owen

I have been growing your Roselilies for several years with much pleasure and great success!. They are in large containers which are overwintered in a frost-free greenhouse.
Could you tell me the best way of feeding these container grown plants.
Many thanks

Your lilies are quite happy to have a cold dormant phase and can withstand -25 degree temperatures. Lily bulbs just don’t like to get too wet.
You can feed your lilies with a tomato feed, I’d suggest using it at 1/4 strength so dilute some with water. Once you see signs of growth, you spray the tomato feed every other week.
Thanks for your email.

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