Discontinued Lily 'Torch'

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Hi Rosemary
Unfortunately, Torch has been discontinued and will be substituted for something similar within the the Tree-like Lily Bulb Collection.
Do you have any preference? If so, please feel free to mention this on your order within the Comments section. We would normally substitute it for Holland Beauty.

Holland Beauty (SKU17649)
KInd regards
Loraine Hart

RoseLily 'Kendra'

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Cathy Perry

Hi, I am looking to order some rose-lilies on line. Last year I bought Rose-lily- Kendra bulbs at Chelsea (and Isabella as well). Can I buy Kendra on line? If not any recommendation for a replacement?
Both lilies were stunning last year.
Thank you

Hi Cathy,

Roselilies are stunning aren’t they? We have plenty of Roselilies to choose from online. Please visit https://www.hartsnursery.co.uk/Roselily-Series/ .  I have added Roselily Kendra online for you to order, we also have a a really popular variety called Roselily Natalia which is similar in colour, white with a splash of pale pink. Just gorgeous!
Roselily ‘Natalia’ (SKU17617)
Hope you find something you like.
Kind regards
Loraine Hart

Lilium Lankon Bulbs

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Catherine Fawcett

I would like to purchase around 50 Lilium Lankon bulbs – will you have them in stock any time soon? Thanks

Hi Catherine
Unfortunately, Lankon has been discontinued. We are extremely disappointed as it’s such a stunning variety. We hope you can find an alternative on our website. Here are some other gorgeous variteies you may be interested in:

Solution (SKU17804)
Spectator (SKU17759)
I particularly like Sucinto as it’s an Oriental Trumpet lily so it carries the fragrance, the height and large flower heads.
Sucinto (SKU17700)
Loraine Hart

Scarlet Beetle and Fritillarias!

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Brian C

Not a question but an additional piece of advice re the Lily beetle. If you have any fritillarias in your garden, look for the lily beetle on them as soon as they begin to grow. Last year I didn’t and then found some were almost leafless as a result of that damned beetle.

Thank you for your email!
Yes – Unfortunately the Scarlet beetle likes Fritillarias as well. We advise this on our Care Instructions page for each Fritillaria variety. As you say Brian, keep a look for these pests and try to use the Garlic Spray to keep them at bay. Thanks again.

Loraine Hart

Tulip bulb shortage?

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L. Tilling

Is there a shortage of tulip bulbs this year? Everywhere I have tried to buy any says they are out of stock, literally every garden centre & nursery! Also online sites too. What has happened?
Kind regards

Hi there Linda
As you’ve experienced, you can’t really purchase tulip bulbs this time of year as they require planting in the Autumn (ideally after the first frost to kill off any virus that may be found in the ground). They will then flower in the Spring. Our tulips will be available to order in the Summer and we will start to dispatch them at the end of September. Hope this helps.

Check out our Fruit Salad Tulip Collection – a great pop of colour for your Spring Garden!
Fruit Salad Tulip Collection (Pack of 60 bulbs) (SKU177143)
Loraine Hart

Are Calla Lilies Hardy?

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mike salter

Hi, are Picasso and Zantedeschia hardy or do they require lifting for winter/ Thanks M.S.

Hi Mr Salter

Zantedeschia are not hardy and will require protecting over winter.
We advise lifting Rhizomes before the first frosts and store them over winter before replanting them in the Spring (after the risk of frost has passed).
Store Rhizomes in trays of compost in a cool, dark, frost-free location, e.g a garage, shed, warm greenhouse or conservatory.
Kind regards
Loraine Hart

White Heaven Longiflorum Lily

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Barbara presley

When is the earliest I can order,purchase and plant longiflorum lily bulbs ? And is this the same for all lily varieties? Thank you

Hi Barbara

White Heaven, the gorgeous white Longilforum Lily (and all our other lilies) is available to order now from our website and the bulbs will be dispatched at the end of February ready for planting.
White Heaven (harts1000)
Thanks and Happy New Year!
Loraine Hart

Availability of Shocking – OT Lily

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Jill Taylor

I’m looking for the Lily’Shocking’ bulbs.
Have purchased before from you at RHS shows.
If I’m correct this has the most intoxicating scent…divine!
Please can you advise me of availability & price.
Many thanks
Jilly Taylor.

Hi Jill

Yes you’re correct – the Oriental Trumpet Lily ‘Shocking’ does have a stunning scent and appearance. You can order them from us for delivery at the Feb/beginning of March.
Shocking (harts1026)
Kind regards
Loraine Hart

Allium Bulbs

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Do you have any allium bulbs left in stock?

No – sorry not at the time of year. They will be available again in the Autumn.

Kind regards

Loraine Hart

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Are there any lilies that are more resistant to the beetle?

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Are there any lilies that are more resistant to the beetle?
I would like to grow lilies this year , mainly in containers with a few in the borders.

Hi Michele
Unfortunately i can’t say any lilies are less susceptible to Lily Beetle however there are a few solutions you can do to eliminate them as much as possible:

Inspect plants regularly, pick off any adults, grubs and eggs and destroy as you see fit. Otherwise spray with Imidcloprid and sunflower oil (or Bayer Provado Ultimate Bug Killer). If you do not like using insecticides then spraying with diluted fairy liquid or crushed garlic in water have been suggested by some of our customers. Crush a whole corm of garlic in a small pan of boiling water. Allow to cool, strain and put in a small container in the fridge. When using, dilute three parts water to one part garlic solution. Spray often, every few days, especially when it has rained. There is a garlic product available in garden centres and stores, but this is a much cheaper alternative.
We also recommend using a NEEM oil this is something we will have available to purchase on our website this year.
Loraine Hart