Maintenance of Tree lilies

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Alan Liddell

How much maintenance do the tree lilies require ?

Tree lilies need very little maintenance, as long as they are in a well-drained area or pot and in a nice sunny location you will find they need very little maintenance. Lilies also like to be left out in the winter to have a cold dormant stage so no need to be lifted.

The Hart Family

Which lily will produce the most flower heads?

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I am trying to choose a white oriental lily that would have the most blooms. I wonder if you could recommend the right variety?

The Tree lilies (Oriental Trumpet lilies) will produce the height with the maximum amount of buds per stem. I would recommend Villa Blanca or Zambesi. These will produce large flower heads with a gorgeous fragrance.

Villa Blanca (SKU17774)
Zambesi (SKU17616)
Loraine Hart