Tree lily purchase

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Dave W – 

When would be the best time of year to purchase some tree lilies from you?

Hi Dave

You can pre-order your tree lilies from us now to guarantee you get the varieties you would like incase we sell out. However, these won’t be dispatched until the spring when they need planting.

Tree-like Lilies

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Lilium bulbs

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ian coles

Hello, I have been searching lily bulb called painted lady. Do you have these or something very similar?
Thank you

We haven’t got Painted Lady but we do have many other orienpet lilies (also known as Treelike lilies or Oriental Trumpets).

Lily ‘Marriott’ (harts10281)
Pink Mist
Lily ‘Pink Mist’ (SKU17775)
Lily ‘Amarossi’ (SKU17755)

Tree-like Lilies

The Hart Family

Wonderful service

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A. Deakin

I received my order of giant lilies yesterday, they were well packaged and in great condition. Thank you for a wonderful service and rapid delivery in spite of the current situation, I will be shopping here in future.

You’re very welcome – thank you for taking the time to message. It makes it all worth while.

The Hart Family

Tree Lillies

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Harry Devey

Hi Why do some Tree Lillies require Ericacious Soil? They dont seem as forward growing as the others.
Regards, Harry Devey

Tree lilies are actually happy in any well-drained soil. It’s oriental lilies that prefer an acidic soil.

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