Growing tree Lilies in limestone

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david brown

Do you have Tree Lilies that will thrive on Portland Dorset, we are limestone based really.

Tree lilies are happy in any well-drained soil type. Alternatively, they can be planted in pots.

We have lots of tree lilies here:
Tree-like Lilies

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Tulips grown in pots

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Vanessa C

Having bought many bulbs from you over the years, for the first time last year I planted lots of them in pots.
I’d be grateful if you could tell me if they will flower again next spring if I just leave them?

Thank you
P.S. Our tree lilies are amazing by the way!!!!

Hi there,
Tulips are naturally perennials coming back year-after-year. However, in some circumstances when they do return they are smaller and don’t bloom as well in their second or third years.

Tulips will flower well for one year and then need lifting out of the soil and carefully stored if you want to use them again. Once everything has fully died back, you can lift them and store them in a dark, dry, airy place over summer, allowing the air to circulate around them. They can then be replanted in the Autumn.


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Tree lilies

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Anita C

Leaves are lovely and green but no flower heads producing.

Hi there,

When did you plant them? If they are a few years old, did you allow the foliage and stems to die back naturally after flowering? This feeds the bulbs so they flower the following year. Also, if they are more 3 years old then they may need dividing.

If you planted them a little later into the season this year then tree lilies will take about 10-12 weeks from planting to flower.

Do they have plenty of sun and drainage? You can always send me a photo of your lilies to have a look at for you.

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Scented Lilies

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I like to know what most scented lilies you have in stock pack of 10-15.

Hi Anthony

Our lilies will be available to pre-order very soon. Please keep checking back on our website and/or click on one of the links to be notified when something is back in stock. As a general rule of thumb, the whiter the variety of lily the stronger the scent – this is with anything mixed with an oriental lily though. Asiatic lilies do not carry a scent as they attract the insects by their bright colours.

Have you seen:

Roselily ‘Aisha’ (SKU176191)

Lily ‘Zambesi’ (SKU17616)

Lily ‘Nymph’ (harts1027)

These lilies all carry a fantastic fragrance.

Nymph Lily

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Tree lily purchase

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Dave W – 

When would be the best time of year to purchase some tree lilies from you?

Hi Dave

You can pre-order your tree lilies from us now to guarantee you get the varieties you would like incase we sell out. However, these won’t be dispatched until the spring when they need planting.

Tree-like Lilies

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Wonderful service

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A. Deakin

I received my order of giant lilies yesterday, they were well packaged and in great condition. Thank you for a wonderful service and rapid delivery in spite of the current situation, I will be shopping here in future.

You’re very welcome – thank you for taking the time to message. It makes it all worth while.

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Tree Lillies

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Harry Devey

Hi Why do some Tree Lillies require Ericacious Soil? They dont seem as forward growing as the others.
Regards, Harry Devey

Tree lilies are actually happy in any well-drained soil. It’s oriental lilies that prefer an acidic soil.

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