I want to order a range of tulip bulbs

This question was asked by
Pete Turner

Last year I bought some queensland tulips from you and I want buy a big range of tulips this year .. can you notify me when your bulbs become available to order please.
Thanks … Pete Turner

Hi Pete

Our tulip bulbs are now available to pre-order for autumn delivery.


The Hart Family

Leucojum Gravetye

This question was asked by
K. Purcell

I would like to plant some bulbs of this variety this Autumn. Can you advise when they will become available to order please? And cost? Thank you, Keith

Hi Keith – Our spring bulbs are now available to order for dispatching in September.

Leucojum Aestivum (Pack of 10 Bulbs) (harts1148)

The Hart Family

A delivery

This question was asked by
Benjamin Lloyd

Hi, Very pleased with last two orders. Thanks.
Are you able to deliver by what ever means a gift of lilly bulbs to my sister by 12th May?
Ben Lloyd

Yes we can Benjamin. If you order online as usual and then enter your sister’s address in the Shipping section then she will receive them.

Best wishes

The Hart Family


This question was asked by
Sally Powell

Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the quality of bulbs (begonias, mxd summer bulbs, gloriosa) in my recent order. I will definitely be ordering again. Thankyou so much, keep up the good work and keep safe.
Best regards Sally Powell

Aww you’re very welcome Sally. Thank you so much for getting in contact.

Take care

The Hart Family

Trying to source mirabillis bulbs

This question was asked by
E. Moloney

Hi, I got bulbs from you in Bloom in Dublin 2 years ago. They were mixed Mirabillis Jalapa. Do you still have any and if so, do you ship to Ireland? Thank you, Regards, Eileen

Hello there

Yes we have Mirabilis Jalapa for sale and yes we do indeed send to Ireland.

Mirabilis Jalapa (pack of 6) (harts114311)

The Hart Family