Locating the Fire Lily

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A. Keser

Hello, I am trying to locate a Fire Lily plant or bulb for my mother, I am struggling to find one online and wondered if you stocked them?

Yes we do stock the Fire Lily, it’s also called Gloriosa The Flame Lily. These are sent out next month and will flower in the summer. See link below.

Gloriosa (Pack of 3 Rhizomes/Bulbs) (SKU17645)
Loraine Hart

Which way to plant a Gloriosa Bulb

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W. Arnold

How can I tell which way to plant a Gloriosa bulb? I can’t tell which is the growth tip and tail end?

Great question and this is one that baffles a few people. Below I have attached a diagram to show which way to plant a Gloriosa Rhizome/Bulb. It’s also best to plant the Gloriosa Rhizomes on a 45 degree angle as well.


Gloriosa bulbs in storage

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I bought some Gloriosa bulbs from you in the autumn. I have just discovered them in a paper bag and they look healthy with small roots sprouting. Should I plant them now in pots in the conservatory where I did well with them in other years. Dublin and mild climate but not as warm as London.

Your Gloriosa bulbs (rhizomes) can be planted now. Just be careful that it’s not too cold in the conservatory what with the cold weather we are still experiencing this Spring. If it is still quite cold in your conservatory, plant your gloriosa bulbs in a pot and let them start growing indoors and then put them in your conservatory.

Gloriosa (Pack of 3 Rhizomes/Bulbs) (SKU17645)
Loraine Hart

Start Planning your Summer Garden

Even though you may have just got around to taking your Christmas decorations down, the winter is an excellent time to start planning your summer garden. Yes, we’re thinking about your summer gardens already!
We are getting our Lily bulbs ready to be shipped from the end of February and our Summer flowering bulbs (including Gloriosa – The Flame Lily) will be available from March but if you know specific varieties you would like, you can pre-order them to ensure they will be available to you. Our bulbs will be nice and healthy and top size so your garden will have bright colourful blooms.
As soon as our lily bulbs are sent out, you can plant them straight away in your garden or pots. Remember to check out our Planting & Care Guide on our website for any advice on which soil and position each varieties like. More information can be found under each lily variety.

Want that modern feel to your garden? Why not plant your Bulbs in pots to create stunning patio displays. Plant a variety in one pot, or include a few different pots for a mix of colours and textures as in the photo above (please note, some flowers in the image above are Spring Flowering). Use pots not only on paving or decking, but placed around your flower beds to add interest.
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