Compost query

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S. Taylor

Hi, I have received the bulbs I ordered at malvern autumn show, thankyou. I have lily master and energetic, which I can’t see on your website. Just wondering whether they need normal or acidic compost? I also have Isabella and manifesto and I think they need ericaceous compost. Could you please advise . Thanks Sue Taylor.

Hello there,
Lilium Master is an Oriental Trumpet Lily that is happy in any soil type and the other 3 lilies; Lilium Energetic, Manifesto and Isabella all require Ericaceous soil.

Hope this helps.
The Hart Family

Thank You for excellent quality Cardiocrinum Giganteum

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B. Dury

Hello – just to let you know that the two Cardiocrinum Giganteum that I ordered on behalf of my Wife arrived safely yesterday. My Wife is very pleased with these plants and says Thank You for the excellent quality of the plants and your prompt service.

Aww thank you for taking the time to email and let us know. Happy Gardening in this gloomy time.

The Hart Family

Amazing Tête-à-tête bulbs

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A. Bebbington

Just wanted to say the Tête-à-tête bulbs I bought at Shrewsbury Flower Show last summer are absolutely amazing and really bring some cheer to all the gloom
Hopefully see you at Shrewsbury this year
Anne Bebbington

Oh that’s so lovely to hear. Thank you for taking the time to email us. Hopefully see you at Shrewsbury Flower Show.

Miniature Narcissus ‘Tete-a-Tete’ (Pack of 30 Bulbs) (SKU17622)

The Hart Family

Madonna Lilys

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Hello The Hart Family
I would like to be able to buy three Madonna Lily’s if it is possible, I have been told it is the wrong season to buy at the moment.
I would be very grateful for your advice.
Kind regards

Good afternoon,

Yes you are correct, it is the wrong season. Lilium Candidum (also known as The Madonna lily) needs to be planted in the Autumn. We will have these available to purchase online from June onwards for Autumn dispatch.

Lilium Candidum (Madonna Lily) Pack of 3 Bulbs (SKU17646)

The Hart Family

Best Bulbs

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E. Glynne jonees

Thank you for my order,
Best bulbs I have ever bought, thank you.
Looking forward to seeing the flowers in the summer.

Good Evening,
Thank you so much for taking the time to email. We are happy to hear you are happy with your bulbs.

Thanks again,

The Hart Family

Moving house and lifting lilies

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Sally Cemm-Evans

I have a number of lilies bought from you which I grow in pots. I am moving house and the removers have restricted me to only three plants in pots. Some of the martagons are still flowering and the orientals still have foliage. Should I remove the bulbs from the pots and dry them off or would it be better to leave some compost around the roots and keep them damp in plastic bags?

Hi there,
Due to your restrictions, I would do the latter. Lift your lilies with the soil in bags. The lilies need the stem to die back to feed the bulb. Replant them as soon as you get to your new house.
Good luck with the move!
Many thanks

Loraine Hart

Start Planning your Summer Garden

Even though you may have just got around to taking your Christmas decorations down, the winter is an excellent time to start planning your summer garden. Yes, we’re thinking about your summer gardens already!
We are getting our Lily bulbs ready to be shipped from the end of February and our Summer flowering bulbs (including Gloriosa – The Flame Lily) will be available from March but if you know specific varieties you would like, you can pre-order them to ensure they will be available to you. Our bulbs will be nice and healthy and top size so your garden will have bright colourful blooms.
As soon as our lily bulbs are sent out, you can plant them straight away in your garden or pots. Remember to check out our Planting & Care Guide on our website for any advice on which soil and position each varieties like. More information can be found under each lily variety.

Want that modern feel to your garden? Why not plant your Bulbs in pots to create stunning patio displays. Plant a variety in one pot, or include a few different pots for a mix of colours and textures as in the photo above (please note, some flowers in the image above are Spring Flowering). Use pots not only on paving or decking, but placed around your flower beds to add interest.
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