Advice for planting Lillies

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Cathy Taylor

I have ordered some Lillies from you and intend to plant them in containers so I can move them if and when I need to….
Can you kindly offer some advice about depth of planting, distance of planting in one container and ideal sites for Lillies?
Thank you

Hi Cathy
You can find all planting instructions on our website. There’s a section at the bottom of each lily variety that will tell you which soil is best etc.

As a general rule of thumb when planting lilies in pots, we advise:
Planting 3 bulbs in a 14″ ‘patio type’ pot using good-quality, multi-purpose compost. We recommend mixing equal parts John Innes No.3 and an Ericaceous compost.
Plant the bulbs pointy end up with 6″ of soil above them.

Hope this helps.


The Hart Family

Not sure of soil conditions

This question was asked by
Caroline douglas

Hi, could you tell me which are the best lillies to plant in flower beds in full sun and not fantastic soil. Thanks Caroline

Do you know whether your soil is Acidic or Alkaline and when you say ‘not fantastic soil’, is it free-draining? As long as it isn’t clay soil, then Oriental Trumpets will be fine. OT lilies are happy in any well-drained soil. They can get quite tall though (up to 6′), hence the common name Tree lilies. So if you are looking for something a little shorter and unsure of your soil type then maybe try a Longiflorum Asiatic Lily or a Longiflorum Oriental Lily.

Oriental Trumpet Lilies

Longiflorum Asiatic Lilies

Longiflorum Oriental Lilies

The Hart Family

Lilies and little side shoots

This question was asked by
Tricia Saxby

The main lily is about , 2 inches heigh , but I have several thin Side shoots , Should I cut these off or leave them ? Look forward to hearing from you .

I would leave these side shoots for now and when this year’s lily has died back (usually at the end of the Autumn), I would lift your bulbs, break off the baby bulblets and replant them all.

The Hart Family

Lily beetle

This question was asked by
christine gilbert

what is your best lily beetle insecticide

We currently recommend using Grazers G4 Lily Beetle Prevention. It’s all natural and and eco-friendly.

Lily Beetle Prevention (SKU17972)

The Hart Family

Message of thanks

This question was asked by
M. Bowden

We received our order yesterday, which was only several days after placing the order, so great service, well done & thanks
Just been & bought a couple of new pots with recommended compost so really looking forward to having two brand new lillie varieties in the garden this summer.
Keep up the great work
& stay safe
Mark & Julia

Thank you for your kind message. It really has cheered us all up in this strange and uncertain times. Happy Gardening!

The Hart Family

Received lilies

This question was asked by
J. Williams

I have received the bulbs and am delighted with the quality. Thanks
Janet Williams

Good morning,
Thank you for emailing. I am so pleased to hear you are happy. Stay safe and well.

The Hart Family

Lily Bulb collections

This question was asked by
Katie Wright

I was wondering, if I buy a tree lily bulb collection, will the bulbs be identified/separated? Sorry if this sounds like a daft question but I just wanted to make sure!

No it’s not a daft question at all… the tree lily collection is separated and individually labelled. But some of the mixed packs (like the Dazzling whites for example are not) as they are just a mix of white lilies and combined at a discounted price.

‘Tree like’ Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (harts1152)
The Hart Family

Planting out my lilies

This question was asked by
L. Hunt

Trust you are all safe and well. Due to the very wet autumn and winter, our new garden is still not ready for planting. I have started both my Lilies and Dahlias in pots. Will I be able to transplant into my new garden in May or will I have to grow them on in pots for this season?
Kind Regards

Good morning,
Yes we are all well thank you. Hope you are too. If you have already planted your dahlias and lilies in pots, then I would advise keeping them in pots for the rest of their flowering season. You can then move them and replant them in your garden once everything has died back ,This is usually the end of Autumn.

The Hart Family

Double pollen free lillies

This question was asked by
Judy Kent

Have you still got these lillies in stock? I would like to order 5 pink and 5 white double. I live in France and would like them sent here.

Yes we do and we are still delivering. Please order online as usual and we will have them dispatched within 5 working days. A few suggestions below for you:

Lily ‘Amistad’ (harts105311)
Roselily ‘Aisha’ (SKU176191)
The Hart Family

Tree Lillies

This question was asked by
Harry Devey

Hi Why do some Tree Lillies require Ericacious Soil? They dont seem as forward growing as the others.
Regards, Harry Devey

Tree lilies are actually happy in any well-drained soil. It’s oriental lilies that prefer an acidic soil.

The Hart Family