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Asiatic lily

This question was asked by
janette button

Am I too late to plant Asiatic lilies. Should I wait until the spring?
Many thanks


Hi Janette

Lilies need planting straight away. They appreciate a cold dormant phase so they are happy to be left in their pots (or in the ground) over winter.

Loraine Hart

Lily bulbs

This question was asked by
Jennifer Hensley

I want to order Lily bulbs to plant in February in a small area. Can you suggest shorter varieties with vibrant colour for summer – Autumn flowering?

Good Evening

Our Asiatic lilies are the most vibrant in colour and the ‘Tiny Series’ are the shorter varieties. All our lilies will grow next Summer:

Forever Susan (harts1133)

Lion Heart (SKU17655)

Tiny ‘Nugget’ (SKU17791)

Tiny ‘Epic’ (SKU17790)

Tiny ‘Ghost’ (SKU17736)

Hope you find something you like.
Loraine Hart

Lily advice

This question was asked by
naveed ahmad

Will the plants I’ve ordered all flower in the same year?
Also, do you have any black lilies that will grow 2 meters? Do you have any Lily species that grow over 2.5 meters? Do you have any crimson/scarlet coloured lilies that grow say 90 cm at least?

HI there,

Thanks for your email.

All your lilies ordered will be dispatched in february and will all flower in the Summer 2018.

We have Black Charm that will grow from 90cm to 140cm once established This is our tallest black lily.

Black Charm (SKU17742)

Our Oriental Trumpet Lilies will grow the tallest – hence their name ‘Tree Lilies’. We have plenty of these to choose from:

Carbonero (SKU17684)

The Asiatic lilies are the shorter varieties and we have plenty of those to choose from also:

Black Out (harts1127)

Hope this helps.
Loraine Hart

Soil Preparation for Lilies

This question was asked by
Tony Reeves

My garden is an alkali clay, so I grow my lilies in a 10ft by 3ft raised bed. L. Lechtlinii and Orange Tiger thrive, but Asiatic lilies do not. What soil proportions do you recommend for your Asiatic lilies?

Hello there,

Thank you for your question. The ideal pH level for all lilies is 5.5 to 6.5. Mix in some John Innes No.3 with your soil and this should help with your Asiatic Lilies.

Many thanks

Asiatic Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (harts1154)
Loraine Hart