I want to order a range of tulip bulbs

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Pete Turner

Last year I bought some queensland tulips from you and I want buy a big range of tulips this year .. can you notify me when your bulbs become available to order please.
Thanks … Pete Turner

Hi Pete

Our tulip bulbs are now available to pre-order for autumn delivery.


The Hart Family

Nxt year's tulip order.

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I love a lot of your tulip selection , can you tell me earlist time to order nxt yr please so i get what I want pls ….
Maureen White

Hi Marueen

We have now opened our spring bulb selection for ordering online. If you wish to pre-order tulips now, they will be dispatched in the Autumn.


The Hart Family

Tulip bulbs

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V. Lupton

Many of the tulip bulbs are currently out of stock, will these varieties be available in the summer for autumn delivery?
Many thanks
Val x

Yes they sure will be Val – please keep checking back on our spring bulbs page. We hope to have tulips and all other spring flowering bulbs ready to order in the next month.


The Hart Family

Tulip bulbs

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Suzanna ogden

Hi, what time of year do you normally have tulip bulbs for sale please?
Stay safe

Our tulip bulbs will be available to purchase in the Summer. By July, ready for planting them in the Autumn.

The Hart Family

Growing Spring flowers indoors

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C. Towell

Mini Tulip Giuseppe Verdi, would these bulbs be suitable for growing indoors in a large bowl? If not, could you recommend some spring bulbs that are. Many thanks

You can plant the Guiseppe Verdi tulips outside in a pot/container and then bring them inside once they are flowering.

The other bulbs we would recommend for indoor flowering and this would be in time for Christmas would be Hyacinths and Amaryllis (Amaryllis bulbs are due online soon).
Hyacinth Delft Blue (Pack of 6) (SKU17938)
Hyacinth Pink Pearl (Pack of 6) (SKU179381)
Hyacinth White Pearl (Pack of 6) (SKU1793811)

Shows, shows and more shows…

Well we had a blast at the Harrogate Flower Show, even with the rain! It’s all over now until the Spring show 2018!
We’re now over in Ireland at the National Ploughing Championships with a our faithful Mascot ‘Daisy the Cow’. Daisy travels everywhere with us. If you spot her on your travels when visiting our stands, do take a photo and send it over to us on Facebook #SpotDaisy

Next we are exhibiting at the RHS Malvern Flower Show for all your spring flowering bulb needs. We have some great Hyacinth bulbs that have been prepared to have indoors for Christmas or just plant them in your garden (or pots on your patio) for a lovely burst of colour in the spring.
Hyacinthus Jan Bos im Topf
Don’t forget we have all our Spring bulbs available online to order now and we will be starting to dispatch at the end September!