How do look after lilies after flowering

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Jill H –

Had a fabulous show of Sabor and Amstad lilies that I ordered last November. What do I do now they have finsihed flowering? How far back do I cut them? Thanks

Hi Jill

Just cut off the lily flower heads and let the foliage and stem die back completely. When it has all turned yellow and hollow, it can be removed to the ground.

Leave the bulbs in their pot over winter and give them a fresh top up of compost. Protect them from getting waterlogged by tipping the pot on its side. Other than that – they are fine to be left outside over winter.


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Valerie P

In spring last year I bought a selection of lilies from you, they were fantastic last year and even better this year. They are all in pots, can they stay in the pots for another year or do I need to repot ?

Hi Valerie

Usually, you can leave your lilies for another year or so before they need repotting. Ensure, to give them a top up of fresh compost when they have died back and a diluted tomato feed when you see signs of growth next year. If you have found you had lots of spindly lilies coming through, then you can repot them and break off any baby bulblets.

Empress Lily

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2nd year Tree lilies

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Sue T – 

I have some tree lilies in pots, this is their second year. The are quite top heavy and I was to move them into a border for next summer. When is the best time to do this?

Hi Sue

Once everything on your tree lily has died down, usually the end of Autumn, then you can transplant them to your borders.


Tree Lilies

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Advice about cutting roselilies

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Paul C

Hi. I planted out some roselilies for cutting in a cutting bed and I’ve just started bringing them in, delighted with the results.
I just want some advice about whether they will repeat flower next year and if there is any way I should cut or feed them to improve the chances. I am so delighted with them we will be buying new stock anyway but would like this to become a recurrent bed if at all possible. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi Paul
You need to leave a good amount of stem on the lilies to die back naturally to feed the bulb for the following year. If the lilies are cut too short then they probably won’t flower very well for a few years. I’d suggest leaving at least 2ft of stem if you can. You can give them a diluted tomato feed to help them every 2 weeks.

Samantha Roselily

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Lilly Nymph and Dalian

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C. Flower

Dear Harts Nursery,
I purchased the above lillies from yourselves earlier this year and planted in large terracotta pots.
This is the first time I have grown tree lillies, so am a complete novice.
They are growing well and have buds. Should I be feeding them and if so, how often and with what?

Kind regards,
Carolyn Flower

Hi Carolyn

Yes you can feed your tree lilies when you start to see signs of growth with a diluted tomato feed every 2 weeks.

Once they have finished flowering, snip off the flower heads and leave the stem and foliage to die back naturally before removing it all. This will feed the bulb for the following year.

Lily ‘Nymph’ (harts1027)

Nymph Lily

Lily ‘Dalian’ (SKU17770)

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How do I care for lilies in my garden after flowering?

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P. Chislett – 

Hi, it was good to see Loraine on television the other night at the show, now is that right that after flowering we are to cut of the flowering stalks. So miss seeing you at RHS Chelsea and now have to contend with having my beautiful lilies sent by post. Thank you very much.

Hi Patrick

Hope you are well. Hopefully we will be back at Chelsea next year.

Loraine on the BBC

BBC Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, 2021: Episode 1:

Yes cut the lily flower heads off from just below the flower and leave the stem and foliage to die back naturally. This will feed the bulb for the following year. You’ll notice the stem will turn brown and hollow, at this point you can remove it.

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Red Lily Beetle

This question was asked by
Pearl T

Is there a way to prevent lily beetles, I pick them off but they are devastating them?

Hi Pearl

Lily Beetles are such a pain aren’t they? To get rid of them, you could try making a garlic solution (crushed garlic and water) or purchasing our lily beetle prevention spray.

Lily Beetle Prevention Spray (SKU17972)

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Lily Beetle Advice

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Glenys –  

Hi, I am a lover of lilies but alas, so many succumb to the dreaded lily beetle. Apart from picking them off by hand which is never ending with the many that I grow, can you advise on any beetle resistant lilies and what sprays can be used/home made possibly, bearing in mind that I garden organically.

Thanks for your help, Glenys

You could try our lily beetle prevention spray which is environmentally friendly or you could make up your own garlic solution. Crush a whole corm of garlic in a small pan of boiling water. Allow to cool, strain and put in a small container in the fridge. When using, dilute three parts water to one part garlic solution. Spray often, every few days, especially when it has rained. There is a garlic product available in garden centres and stores, but this is a much cheaper alternative.

Lily beetle

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