Dahlia tubers

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Richard P

Hi, I was hoping to order some spring planting dahlias (for summer flowers) to give as a Christmas present, but everywhere seems to want to send them out in the Spring. Is it possible to get a delivery before Christmas? Thanks.

Hi Richard

Unfortunately not, Dahlias are not lifted just yet and won’t be ready until the spring. You can pre-order them for february delivery.


You could always send a Gift Certificate and greeting card if you wanted to send it as a present for someone and they can choose some dahlias for next year.

Gift Certificate and Card by Post (SKU18246)

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Shipping in November

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I am looking at buying some dahlia bulbs. Are you still shipping these out? or if I order now will I not receive them until next year. They are for a present and so wanted to clarify the delivery before making the purchase

Thanks, Laura

Hi Laura

Delivery of Dahlia tubers is in february next year. We only have Autumn planted bulbs for this time of year, like Tulips, Alliums etc. You can find all the stock we have left in our end of season sale, however, we are selling out fast.


Alternatively, you could order gift voucher and greeting card to be sent as a present.

Gift Certificate and Card by Post (SKU18246)

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Lilies for autumn planting

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Lisette De Roche

If I ordered lily bulbs from you now – is it too late to ‘autumn’ plant them or should I wait to order in the spring and plant then?
Many thanks,

HI there
All lily bulbs are dispatched in February ready for planting except for Lilium Candidum ‘The Madonna Lily’ which can be planted in the Autumn.

Lilium Candidum (Madonna Lily) (SKU17646)

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Gift card and voucher

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Cathleen B

I live in Australia and would like to give a friend in the Midlands a gift card to buy some bulbs to go with a pot I’ve ordered for Christmas. Is this something I can order?

HI Cathleen

That sounds like a lovely idea. We now have printed gift vouchers with a complementary greeting card which we can post out to your friend for you. All you need to do is enter your friend’s address in the shipping details and let us know if you would like to leave a personal comment for your friend in the Comments box when you check out.

You can find our beautiful cards and vouchers to order here:

Gift Certificate and Card by Post (SKU18246)

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Dark pink Nerine Favourite bulbs

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Mary A _

Hi, I was wondering when the deeper pink nerine bulbs will be available and when should I plant them? I live in Northern Ireland and have a sheltered garden. This year I had a wonderful display of nerine bowdenii.
Is “favourite” the same colour as “Isabel”?
Many thanks

Hi Mary
All our Nerines are available to order pre-order now for delivery In February when they need planting.

Yes Nerine Favourite is very similar in colour to Nerine Isabel.


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Just to say…

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Maria –

Hi there just to say thank you very much for my bulbs that were delivered this week. Super Quick. First class bulbs ,great packaging .
I’m very pleased with what I’ve received.
Yours sincerely Maria

HI Maria

Thank you so much for your email. If you get a spare 2 mins, would you mind sharing your lovely comments here:


We’d would be very grateful. Thank you so much.

The Hart Family

Overwintering Begonias

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Dave –

What do I do with my begonias now flowering is over?

Hi Dave

Once the Begonia flowering season has finished, the stems and foliage will turn yellow and die back naturally.
Reduce watering to prevent rotting.
Once all the stems have fallen off naturally, dig out the tubers, clean and dry them before storing them away in peat or sand in a dry, frost-free area like a garage or shed.
Replant the following February.


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