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How many bulbs?

This question was asked by
Anne Watson

I want to plant up an old metal coal scuttle measuring 16in x 12in x 10 in deep with white lilies. Can you please advise how many bulbs I would need and the best variety to choose? I am thinking along the lines of keeping to white but am open to the possibility of introducing perhaps pink. I like My Wedding and Leona but would welcome your comments. A lighter fragrance would be my first preference

With thanks

Good afternoon,

I would recommend having maybe 6 lilies within this space. My Wedding and Leona are both stunning varieties and will produce a lovely scent for you. If you are after a slight hint of colour, perhaps mix them with Roselily Kendra as this has a subtle pink edging to it which is simply stunning!

Loraine Hart

Kathinka Roselilies

This question was asked by
A. Gibson

Dear Harts Nursery
I have previously bought Kathinka roselilies from you. I see you are out of stock at present, but I wonder if I could order some more and collect them from you at the Malvern Flower Show (as I did previously)?
Kind regards
Alli Gibson

Unfortunately, Kathinka is not available at the moment. However, have you looked at My Wedding, Monica or Pamela, these are both stunning White Double Oriental Lilies. We also have many others doubles available here:

My Wedding (SKU17722)

Roselily ‘Monica’ (SKU17619111)

Roselily ‘Pamela’ (SKU17788)

Loraine Hart

Discover Our New Lilies For 2019

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New Lilies for 2019

Last Summer we asked you to vote on Facebook for your favourite lily from some potential new varieties for 2019! Well, here they are in order of popularity. All these new lilies are available on our website to order for delivery in February 2019. 


White highly scented lilies

This question was asked by
David A Campbell

What is the best variety for white, highly scented lilies?

Hi there,

As a rule of thumb, the white oriental lily varieties have the strongest scent. If you would like a taller variety, then the Oriental Trumpet lilies (also known as Tree lilies) will produce large flower heads and can reach up to and/or over 6ft in height. I would suggest Zambesi for this variety. We also have shorter lily varieties, like the Roselilies or the Oriental lilies. These can reach up to 100-120cm in height depending on which you choose. We have plenty of white ones, including Lilium Bodyguard or Lilium Casa Blanca, which are gorgeous Oriental lilies. The Roselilies are without stamen but still produce a gorgeous perfume, I would recommend Roselily Aisha or Roselily Kathinka. Hope this helps.

Loraine Hart

How and what to plant Roselilies in

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Roselilies need an acidic soil, but you say plant them in a multi-purpose compost if planting in pots. Please can you clarify this for me?

Good morning,

Yes Roselilies do prefer an acidic soil if planting in the garden. However, for planting your lily bulbs in pots we do recommend a Multi-purpose Compost mixed with John Innes No.3 but if you have an ericaceous compost then that’s fine too!

We advise using this mix of Multi-purpose compost and John Innes No.3 for planting your lilies in pots as the Multi-purpose compost contains natural plant feed and nutrients to encourage strong growth of your lilies and it is weed free. The John Innes No.3 is ideal for your lily bulbs as it is loamy and free-draining but heavy enough to give pots stability. If you are planting with an ericaceous compost, then just ensure you have plenty of drainage for your lily bulbs. Hope this helps.

Loraine Hart

How much sunlight do Roselilies/Lilies need?

This question was asked by
J. Fenech

Does the oriental Roseliliy Natalia need Sun and, if it does, how much sun per day?

Hello Joanne

Thanks for this question!

Roselilies, like all lilies, do like some sun throughout the day but can tolerate partial shade as well. For best results, roselilies/lilies need six to eight hours of sunlight a day. If it’s too shady, the stems will attempt to lean towards the sun and may fall over.

Roselily ‘Natalia’ (SKU17617)

Loraine Hart

RoseLily ‘Kendra’

This question was asked by
Cathy Perry

Hi, I am looking to order some rose-lilies on line. Last year I bought Rose-lily- Kendra bulbs at Chelsea (and Isabella as well). Can I buy Kendra on line? If not any recommendation for a replacement?
Both lilies were stunning last year.

Thank you


Hi Cathy,

Roselilies are stunning aren’t they? We have plenty of Roselilies to choose from online. Please visit .  I have added Roselily Kendra online for you to order, we also have Roselily Natalia and Roselily Roberta which are similar in colour, white with a splash of pale pink. Just gorgeous!

Roselily ‘Natalia’ (SKU17617)

Roselily ‘Roberta’ (SKU17732)

Hope you find something you like.

Kind regards
Loraine Hart

Roselily Bulb Collection (Pack of 10 Bulbs)

This question was asked by
Mary McCoy

Will you post Rose Lillies to Republic of Ireland? I would like to send them as a Christmas gift….

Please can you me know asap?
Thank you.
Mrs Mary McCoy

Hi Mary

We do ship to ROI however all our lily bulbs are dispatched in the Spring ready for planting. Alternatively, you could send a Gift Certificate as a Christmas Present:
Loraine Hart

Double Oriental Lillies

This question was asked by
Lynne Munro

Dear Hart Nursery

I would like to purchase 10 of your double lily bulbs – do I need to purchase 5 of 2 varieties to get the discounted price of £2 per bulb or can I get that price if I mix the varieties I order?

Many thanks

Hi there,

I’m afraid it has to be the same variety. Have you seen our Roselily Bulb Collection? This is a great offer at 10 bulbs for £17.50!

Roselily Bulb Collection (Pack of 10 Bulbs) (SKU17653)

Best wishes
Loraine Hart