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Planting out my lilies

This question was asked by
L. Hunt

Trust you are all safe and well. Due to the very wet autumn and winter, our new garden is still not ready for planting. I have started both my Lilies and Dahlias in pots. Will I be able to transplant into my new garden in May or will I have to grow them on in pots for this season?
Kind Regards

Good morning,
Yes we are all well thank you. Hope you are too. If you have already planted your dahlias and lilies in pots, then I would advise keeping them in pots for the rest of their flowering season. You can then move them and replant them in your garden once everything has died back ,This is usually the end of Autumn.

The Hart Family

Double pollen free lillies

This question was asked by
Judy Kent

Have you still got these lillies in stock? I would like to order 5 pink and 5 white double. I live in France and would like them sent here.

Yes we do and we are still delivering. Please order online as usual and we will have them dispatched within 5 working days. A few suggestions below for you:

Lily ‘Amistad’ (harts105311)

Roselily ‘Aisha’ (SKU176191)

The Hart Family

Orange lilly

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I’m looking for the right type of Orange Lilly to display for the 12th July in Northern Ireland.

We advise the following flowering times for each category of lilies:

End of June/Beginning of July : Asiatics
Lily ‘Cesare’ (harts10171)

Beginning of July/End of July : Oriental trumpets (tree lilies)
Lily ‘Valverde’ (SKU176481)

End of July/Beginning of August : Orientals
Lily ‘Hotel California’ (SKU179471)

Lily ‘Salmon Star’ (harts1106)

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Tree Lillies

This question was asked by
Harry Devey

Hi Why do some Tree Lillies require Ericacious Soil? They dont seem as forward growing as the others.

Regards, Harry Devey

Tree lilies are actually happy in any well-drained soil. It’s oriental lilies that prefer an acidic soil.

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Tulip bulbs

This question was asked by
Suzanna ogden

Hi, what time of year do you normally have tulip bulbs for sale please?


Stay safe

Our tulip bulbs will be available to purchase in the Summer. By July, ready for planting them in the Autumn.

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Pollen free lilies

This question was asked by
Jessica Prebble

Hi. Happy easter.
Are the pollen free lilies safe for cats?

They are safe for Cats as long as they don’t try to eat the lily. But that is the same for a lot of garden plants. Usually what happens is a cat will brush past the stamen of a lily and then they lick it off their fur and that’s what is poisonous to them.

Hope that helps.

Pollen Free Lilies

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Flowers for hanging baskets

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I was wondering if you had any flowers / plants ready to pot into hanging baskets? A friend has said you are currently delivering.



Hi there,
We are delivering still yes. We have begonia corms you can plant in your hanging baskets.

Begonia Pendula (Pack of 15 Corms) (SKU17706)

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Care of lilies and when to replant

This question was asked by
Gillian Trussell

Lilies in a pot from last year, sprouting well at this time. Should I dig them out from the pot and replant? They flowered well last year. I bought them from you at the Hampton court garden fest.
many thanks

No need to lift your lily bulbs and replant them for a few years. Leave them as they are for this year.

The Hart Family

Multicoloured \’Tree-like\’ Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs)

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G. Beglin

I would like to purchase some Tree Lilly Bulbs from you- but would like to send payment by cheque, in the post. May I have your postal address- or if you are nearby- perhaps I can visit your Nursery??
Kind Regards,

Yes of course – our address is
Harts Nursery
Childs Lane
Cw12 4TG

If you write a little note to say what you would like and add £4.95 for delivery that would be great.

The Hart Family

Thank you

This question was asked by
Amy Hudson

Good morning
I just wanted to thank you for your fabulous service and quality bulbs. At this time there are many of us who will take more comfort from their gardens than previously and it’s important to have businesses like yourselves supplying us in what are such strange times. I can’t wait for my new lilies to emerge! Keep up the good work and stay safe!

You’re very welcome! Thank you for the lovely words. It means a lot.

The Hart Family