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Identifying a Deep Pink Nerine

This question was asked by
S. Hall

My Mum had Nerines in a vibrant pink, which I would like to grow in my garden, to remind me of her. The colour had no hint of purple or red, and is wasn’t a pale pink. I can’t tell the shade of pink from the bulb packets on your website. From images on the internet, the nearest I can find is Nerine Bowdenii Isabel.

All the best
Sarah Hall

Hi – is it Nerine Bowdenii, this is the most popular Nerine we have. A very vibrant pink.

Nerine Bowdenii (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (SKU176661)

The Hart Family

Tree Lily’s

This question was asked by
Jerry Kiersey

Hello, about five years ago I put five tree lily’s in a large pot.
They have done very well but now the pot has perhaps a dozen or more due to offshoots. When/how do I divide or should I at all?

Regards, Jerry.

Hi Jerry

Sorry for the delay in replying – we have been so busy. It seems everyone is now gardening in these difficult times.

I would wait for your lilies to flower and die back this year, by late autumn I would then lift your bulbs, divide them and replant them .

Kind regards

The Hart Family

Canna Lillies, red foliage

This question was asked by
Gerald Leedham

could you please price 8 of the above to be delivered asap

We currently have 2 x canna lilies in stock and they 3 bulbs for £10:

Pink Canna (Pack of 3) (SKU180601)

Red Canna (Pack of 3) (SKU18060)

The Hart Family

Zantedeschia \’Picasso\’ (Pack of 3 Bulbs)

This question was asked by
Trevor parry

I have just received delivery of my bulbs like to say thank you.
I am going to plant them in pots today the size of my pots are 35cm wide 43cm deep how many bulbs do I need to put in to get a good show for summer.
Thank you.

I would plant 3 corms to a pot this size.

The Hart Family

Cannas Out of stock

This question was asked by
K. EDwards

Are you getting in more Canna Lillies please

We still have a few Cannas left in stock currently.

Pink Canna (Pack of 3) (SKU180601)

Red Canna (Pack of 3) (SKU18060)

The Hart Family

Lupinus (Pack of 5)

This question was asked by

Hello are these 5 plug plants and can they be planted straight away also can I pick what colours ?

Th lupinus are bare roots and should be planted straight away. They will flower this year.

Lupinus (Pack of 5) (SKU180661)

The Hart Family

Begonia Pendula Orange (Pack of 5)

This question was asked by
Jean Fairlie

How many tubers/corms do I plant per hanging basket?

I would advise planting 3 begonia bulbs to an average sized hanging basket.

The Hart Family

Advice for planting Lillies

This question was asked by
Cathy Taylor


I have ordered some Lillies from you and intend to plant them in containers so I can move them if and when I need to….

Can you kindly offer some advice about depth of planting, distance of planting in one container and ideal sites for Lillies?

Thank you


Hi Cathy
You can find all planting instructions on our website. There’s a section at the bottom of each lily variety that will tell you which soil is best etc.

As a general rule of thumb when planting lilies in pots, we advise:
Planting 3 bulbs in a 14″ ‘patio type’ pot using good-quality, multi-purpose compost. We recommend mixing equal parts John Innes No.3 and an Ericaceous compost.
Plant the bulbs pointy end up with 6″ of soil above them.

Hope this helps.


The Hart Family

Planting begonias

This question was asked by
Linda Davey

I have just received some begonia tubers from you. Can you advise me what you recommend to plant these in pots

Hi Linda
Double Begonia Tubers are ideal for containers, pots or tubs.
Begonias like a well-drained but moist compost in a sunny position. We advise planting 3 x tubers into an average hanging basket or pot.
Position the Begonia tubers just below the compost surface with the ‘hole’ of the tuber facing up approx 2.5cm deep.
Space your tubers about 2cm apart.
Feed and water Begonia plants frequently throughout the growing season. Take care not to over water.
Deadhead faded flower heads regularly, this will encourage new growth for longer.

The Hart Family

Not sure of soil conditions

This question was asked by
Caroline douglas

Hi, could you tell me which are the best lillies to plant in flower beds in full sun and not fantastic soil. Thanks Caroline

Do you know whether your soil is Acidic or Alkaline and when you say ‘not fantastic soil’, is it free-draining? As long as it isn’t clay soil, then Oriental Trumpets will be fine. OT lilies are happy in any well-drained soil. They can get quite tall though (up to 6′), hence the common name Tree lilies. So if you are looking for something a little shorter and unsure of your soil type then maybe try a Longiflorum Asiatic Lily or a Longiflorum Oriental Lily.

Oriental Trumpet Lilies

Longiflorum Asiatic Lilies

Longiflorum Oriental Lilies

The Hart Family