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Pot Size for Cardiocrinum Giganteum

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T. Brighton

Hello, could these stunning Cardiocrinum Giganteum lilies be planted in a pot and how big would this need to be. I have never seen this lily before and would like to be able to grow it but do not have a suitable spot direct into the garden.

We would recommend potting your Cardiocrinum Giganteum bulbs in a 12inch pot.

Cardiocrinum giganteum like most soil types. They prefer the soil to be moist but well drained and humus-rich. These lilies like a shady position where the direct sunlight will not burn their leaves.

Cardiocrinum Giganteum (SKU17816)

Loraine Hart

Soil for Double Oriental Lily ‘My Wedding’

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Susan Matthews

Should these be potted using ericaceous compost as they are going in tubs? Many thanks

Hello Susan,

Yes, Oriental Lilies like ericaceous (acidic) soil. You can try mixing it half and half with John Innes No. 3 for best results.

Happy Gardening!
Loraine Hart

Discontinued Lily ‘Torch’

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Hi Rosemary

Unfortunately, Torch has been discontinued and will be substituted for something similar within the the Tree-like Lily Bulb Collection.

Do you have any preference? If so, please feel free to mention this on your order within the Comments section. We would normally substitute it for Holland Beauty.

Holland Beauty (SKU17649)

KInd regards
Loraine Hart

Nerine Bulbs

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Sara Kennedy

Hi, I wish to order some Nerine bulbs to give as a Christmas present but wasn’t sure if the bulbs would be sent before Christmas or if they are sent out January/February.

Hi there,

Unfortunately, Nerines are available for dispatch in the Spring (March) for Summer flowering ( We do however offer Gift Vouchers online which would be a nice Chirstmas Present so the recipient can choose which varieties they would like.

Best wishes
Loraine Hart

Advice on preparing lilies for overwintering

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Hi there,

I bought a couple of lily collections from you last year at the Wisley flower show – they’ve made a fantastic display in the garden this year. Thank you.

This has been my first experience with growing lilies and I am a little confused now with how far to cut them back in preparation for winter.

I have read lots of advice about pruning the seed heads and “allowing the foliage to die back naturally” but once the foliage has begun to turn brown, how much of the main stem or stalk should be cut back?

Hope you can help.

Hi there,

When the Lily has finished flowering, cut any seed heads back and allow the foliage to die back naturally as you say. Do not be tempted to cut the stem back until stems become hollow and brown. Once this has happened, you can cut the stem back to the service or leave about an inch of stem.

Kind regards
Loraine Hart

Lily Flowering times

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Mark Britland

Looking to purchase some Lily bulbs but I don’t want them flowering all at the same time can you advise?

Thank you

Hi there,

Yes we advise the following lily flowering times:

End of June/Beginning of July : Asiatics

Beginning of July/End of July : Oriental trumpets (tree lilies)

Late July/Beginning of August : Orientals and Roselilies

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Best wishes
Loraine Hart

Soil Preparation for Lilies

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Tony Reeves

My garden is an alkali clay, so I grow my lilies in a 10ft by 3ft raised bed. L. Lechtlinii and Orange Tiger thrive, but Asiatic lilies do not. What soil proportions do you recommend for your Asiatic lilies?

Hello there,

Thank you for your question. The ideal pH level for all lilies is 5.5 to 6.5. Mix in some John Innes No.3 with your soil and this should help with your Asiatic Lilies.

Many thanks

Asiatic Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (harts1154)
Loraine Hart

Growing Lilies in Pots

Growing lilies in pots is a great way to add a pop of colour to your gardens. You can then choose to keep them in their pots or replant them into your flower beds throughout the growing season.

For best results put your pots in a spot that gets a lot of sunlight throughout the day and ensure the soil is well drained. Lilies don’t like standing in water! In fact, you only need to keep them moist, sometimes water every few days, meaning in rainy periods you may not have to water them much at all.

Dwarf lilies/Pot Lilies and other short stemmed lilies tend to be popular as pot choices as they fill out with flowers. If you want taller plants, AsiaticsOrientals and Trumpet lilies can grow nice and tall with an abundance of flowers on the top. Just check the height of each variety as they can vary. Our website gives you the average height for each lily.

Ensure your pot is big and heavy enough as some varieties can become tall with lots of flower heads, this will prevent them from falling over from strong winds. You can add rocks or pieces of broken pots to the bottom to help with your drainage . If you don’t have sufficient drainage in your pots your plants could rot. Once your lilies have flowered and died back ready for their cold-dormant stage through-out the winter months, it’s a good idea to tilt your pots on their side to prevent waterlog. More advice can be found on our website.

Start Planning your Summer Garden

Even though you may have just got around to taking your Christmas decorations down, the winter is an excellent time to start planning your summer garden. Yes, we’re thinking about your summer gardens already!

We are getting our Lily bulbs ready to be shipped from the end of February and our Summer flowering bulbs (including Gloriosa – The Flame Lily) will be available from March but if you know specific varieties you would like, you can pre-order them to ensure they will be available to you. Our bulbs will be nice and healthy and top size so your garden will have bright colourful blooms.

As soon as our lily bulbs are sent out, you can plant them straight away in your garden or pots. Remember to check out our Planting & Care Guide on our website for any advice on which soil and position each varieties like. More information can be found under each lily variety.

Want that modern feel to your garden? Why not plant your Bulbs in pots to create stunning patio displays. Plant a variety in one pot, or include a few different pots for a mix of colours and textures as in the photo above (please note, some flowers in the image above are Spring Flowering). Use pots not only on paving or decking, but placed around your flower beds to add interest.

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The show season is upon us…

That’s right, we are back travelling the UK for the show season. We have already been to Wisley and Suffolk this year and next week we are off to Cardiff for the RHS Flower Show Cardiff. The shows are a great day out with plenty of things to see, places to eat and of course, to purchase all your gardening needs. We will be exhibiting our display of Lilies at many of the shows and you can purchase our Lily bulbs from our ‘pick n mix’ style of shop. Look out for our show offers!!  We will also have many other favourite Summer flowering and Spring flowering bulbs available including some unusual varieties. See you at the shows!!

Click here to see some of the shows will be exhibiting at this year.11937449_10153684854960337_5856233970361212616_n